Who is King kObOkO?

King kObOkO na writer, blogger, singer, laughter & flogger *winks*

koboko banner 3

King kObOkO na d author of “The Legend of INDIA VS NIGERIA”. Na him 1st novel (u can download it on my blog here 4 as low as $1. Yes, ONE DOLLAR!!!). He wrote NIGERIA IS DEAD https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/234073 & ejaculations https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/264438 which are compilations of poems & articles (u fit download d two of dem 4 free).

Apart 4rm writin, which is his 1st luv, King kObOkO also sings. Once in a while sha. Hehehe…
Check out O Mpa by King kObOkO ft 50cent http://www.4shared.com/mp3/I4-GWebs/O_MPA_-_King_kObOkO_ft_50_Cent.html?locale=en
or Wallahi by King kObOkO produced by Xris Fity http://wapdam.so/en/download/King-Koboko/Wallahi/?type=FT&id=346413

King kObOkO is also a comedy. Yes, COMEDY!!! Hehehe…

cry cry

King kObOkO flogs too. Check out his reviews here on dis blog 2 undastand d kind of floggin King kObOkO does o! B4 ladies start callin me & demandin 4d oda type of floggin. *winks*

king koboko

U can reach me on +2348022776680 or kingkoboko@gmail.com

King kObOkO

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