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King kObOkO don observe anoda tin again o! Hehehe…

Hav u eva noticed dat prostitutes or ashewos or runs-girls hav a particular body odour? In fact eh, if u’r very observant like me, u’l notice d odour in any over-sexed female. It doesnt matter how many perfumes or body sprays or deodorants or scent oil she uses, d odour always over-powers it. I swear. Hehehe…

Una fit dey wonda “Koboko, how u take know d odour?” Well, I’m jst very very observant dat’s all. Even b4 I did my 1st kwokirikwo wit an ashi, I already knew d odour. So no accuse me of too much fucku fucku o! Hehehe… I was even surprised dat d 1st ashi I eva did kwokirikwo wit didnt hav d odour. But I later discovered d reason: it was bcos she was new in d business. She neva get experience by dat time.

Ur nxt question now fit be, “Ok Koboko, how does an over-sexed woman smell?” D answer hard o! D odour of over-sex is actually very hard 2 describe. I might hav 2 show it 2 u in person. I’m sure u’v percieved it b4. Its jst dat u’r not aware dat its d odour of over-sex.

And NO. Its not dat normal natural smell of a sexually active woman o! Dat smell is different. Dat 1 na d smell of sex. Most men know dat smell. *winks*

Actually, I was thinkin I was d only 1 dat knew d odour of over-sex until 1day wen dis particular girl walked past me & my frnd. I told him “Dat girl na ashi”. He nodded in agreement & told me “She dey smell like ashi sef.” Wow! I was surprised & asked him “So u know their smell too?” Dat was d day I confirmed dere were oda alobas like me out dere. Hehehe…

My broda, knowin d odour of over-sex can save u from unknowingly dating or marryin an ashi o! Not dat its bad 2 marry a repentant ashi shaa. I jst dont want u 2b decieved in2 a relationship wit a pretendin ashi.

My sista, abeg too much sex is not good 4u o! It changes ur body odour. And trust me, d odour of over-sex no get solution o! Its d more sex u hav, d stronger it gets.

Surprisingly, I’v percieved d odour on a few men too. Though I suspect it was rubbed off on dem afta spendin time wit an over-sexed woman. Or could it b dat even over-sexed men develop d odour over time too? I no sure shaa. *shrugs*

So na wetin una tink about dis my observation? U gree or u no gree?

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