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Everybody knows dat King kObOkO is a Biafran

Its in my works, my posts & my blog. I’v neva hidden d fact dat I luv Biafra.

There4, I propose a referendum 4 us ndi Igbo 2 decide on our future. Let all Igbos vote & make a choice.

Nigeria or BIAFRA?

D Niger Deltans shud hold a referendum on their future too. I support total freedom & self-determination 4every single nation imprisoned inside dis brutish British prison called Nigeria since 1914.

So let dere b referendum 4 d Republics of BIAFRA, IZON, NIGER-DELTA, KANURIA, AREWA, MIDDLE-BELT, ODUDUWA etc

*wavin Biafran flag*

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Buhari, Abeg Legalize Illegal Refineries

Dear Baba,

I 4 don trek 4rm Niger Bridge 2 Abuja com greet u but people go talk sey King kObOkO wan do follow-follow or copy-copy. Hehehe…

But seriously, d most important tin wey u go do 4 Nigerians na if u legalize d so-called illegal refineries 4 Niger-Delta. No, d most important tin na if u go fit giv us at least 18hours of light everyday. Wallahi, skeptics like me & those wey dey call u “Baba One Chance” go salute u if u go fit do am.

Pls Baba, it will b a real CHANGE if u can order d army & navy 2 stop destroyin d so-called illegal refineries in d Niger-Delta. I suggest dat u regulate dese small local refineries instead of destroyin dem. Dat way u go create more jobs 4 youths so dat we no go dey trek trek up & down dey look 4 pipeline 2 bomb, oyibo 2 kidnap or any other criminal tin. Plus, once its regulated d process becomes safer & d quality of d locally refined oil go improve.

Ehen, 1 more tin sir. Biko, continue d Second Niger Bridge project o! Nagode in advance. Sai Baba!

King kObOkO

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