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Lessons I learnt from Buhari’s Victory

*Nobody Knows 2moro
Wen Buhari toppled a democratic govt as a military general in d 1980s, I bet he didn’t know he’ll b contestin 2b a democratic president 20somethin yrs later.

*Use Ur Opportunity Well
1thing dat worked in Bahari’s favour was dat he actually used his few yrs in power as a military ruler 2try 2change Nigeria. & Nigerians neva 4got his efforts.

*Believe In U
A university degree is not all dat matters. Have faith in urself.

*Neva Giv Up
He tried 2b president of Nigeria in 2003 & failed. He tried in 2007 &failed. 2011 him fail again. But in 2015 him don finally succeed. His perseverance has paid off.

Buhari had 2align himself wit notoriously corrupt men lik Tinubu & Atiku in order 2get d national support he needed. In politics, dere’s no permanent frnd no permanent enemy. He also had 2leave his comfort zone of d North 2eventually seek votes in d South.

Congratulations 2 Buhari. Him don win.

Congratulations 2 Jega too. Him don organise d best election since June12

Congratulations 2 Jonathan too.

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