Dagrin Rapping in IGBO language!!!!

Check out dis video of Dagrin rapping in Igbo.
Na King kObOkO personally upload am so dat una go see how dis Yoruba hiphop legend rapped in Igbo. I miss Dagrin wallahi.


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Buhari, Abeg Legalize Illegal Refineries

Dear Baba,

I 4 don trek 4rm Niger Bridge 2 Abuja com greet u but people go talk sey King kObOkO wan do follow-follow or copy-copy. Hehehe…

But seriously, d most important tin wey u go do 4 Nigerians na if u legalize d so-called illegal refineries 4 Niger-Delta. No, d most important tin na if u go fit giv us at least 18hours of light everyday. Wallahi, skeptics like me & those wey dey call u “Baba One Chance” go salute u if u go fit do am.

Pls Baba, it will b a real CHANGE if u can order d army & navy 2 stop destroyin d so-called illegal refineries in d Niger-Delta. I suggest dat u regulate dese small local refineries instead of destroyin dem. Dat way u go create more jobs 4 youths so dat we no go dey trek trek up & down dey look 4 pipeline 2 bomb, oyibo 2 kidnap or any other criminal tin. Plus, once its regulated d process becomes safer & d quality of d locally refined oil go improve.

Ehen, 1 more tin sir. Biko, continue d Second Niger Bridge project o! Nagode in advance. Sai Baba!

King kObOkO

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I cant wait 2 watch d Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight wallahi. I no fit watch am live bcos I no get d money but I go still watch am finally shaa.

I know it’l b a bumper to bumper war like d India vs Nigeria match dat happened in 1970. (D full story dey inside my book, “The Legend of INDIA VS NIGERIA”. Jst google it & buy ur own copy. Or u can click on d link on my blog below)

But d problem is, will 2moro’s fight result in a rematch? If it does, will d two men agree 2fight again? Or will they keep dodgin a rematch like how d Super Eagles of Nigeria hav been avoidin a rematch against d Blue Tigers of India since 1970? Hehehe…

U really need 2read The Legend of INDIA VS NIGERIA by King kObOkO

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Open Letter 2 Linda Ikeji

Dear Aunty Linda,

I no b ur hater & I no wan do u bad belle. In fact eh, I’m 1 of those dat visit ur site almost everyday. I was 1 of those dat pitied & supported u wen ur blog was taken down few months ago. But wetin u do dis time no good. So King kObOkO has no choice but 2 flog u.

Aunty Linda, its very criminal of u 2 hijack Chimamanda Adichie’s Oba of Lagos article from Olisa.tv without acknowledgin or creditin dem. Its wicked of u 2still refuse 2credit dem as d original source even afta they contacted u & cried out on twitter. Haba!

I’m a writer & a blogger so I know how it feels 2b a victim of intellectual property theft. E dey very painful wallahi. I also know how swt it feels 2b acknowledged 4my work. Dat na why I respect a blogger like Laila Ikeji of lailasblog.com. She may not b as rich or as popular as u but she once surprised me by rightfully creditin me publicly 4 an info I gave her in d past.

Besides, I know Ukamaka Olisakwe & Mazi Fred Nwonwu who both work on Olisa.tv. They’r gifted, hardworkin & lovable individuals like u. D 1st day wey u go meet dem e go b luv-at-1st-sight. Bet me. Pls dont start an unnecessary war wit dem. U wronged dem. Use ur church mind & apologize 2 dem b4 its too late abeg, biko, ejo, mbok.

Urs peacefully,
King kObOkO

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All work & no PAY
makes Jack a hungry man.
And a hungry man is an angry man.
And an angry man is d devil’s workshop.
And d devil’s workshop is a loveless man.
And a loveless man is a lonely man.
And a lonely man is another Adam.
And another Adam needs his Eve.
And Eve wants a man with PAY.

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Lessons I learnt from Buhari’s Victory

*Nobody Knows 2moro
Wen Buhari toppled a democratic govt as a military general in d 1980s, I bet he didn’t know he’ll b contestin 2b a democratic president 20somethin yrs later.

*Use Ur Opportunity Well
1thing dat worked in Bahari’s favour was dat he actually used his few yrs in power as a military ruler 2try 2change Nigeria. & Nigerians neva 4got his efforts.

*Believe In U
A university degree is not all dat matters. Have faith in urself.

*Neva Giv Up
He tried 2b president of Nigeria in 2003 & failed. He tried in 2007 &failed. 2011 him fail again. But in 2015 him don finally succeed. His perseverance has paid off.

Buhari had 2align himself wit notoriously corrupt men lik Tinubu & Atiku in order 2get d national support he needed. In politics, dere’s no permanent frnd no permanent enemy. He also had 2leave his comfort zone of d North 2eventually seek votes in d South.

Congratulations 2 Buhari. Him don win.

Congratulations 2 Jega too. Him don organise d best election since June12

Congratulations 2 Jonathan too.

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How it all began
I started this story in March 2012 & posted the excerpt on NaijaStories, Voicesnet, Nairaland etc. Since then, it has been viewed over 13,500times (Yes o! More than thirteen thousand, five hundred times) & has been shared on many sites/blogs.

By popular demand
3yrs later in March 2015, I have finally finished writing the full story & published it after painstaking research into this urban legend that has been passed down from generation to generation in Nigeria.


In this my book, The Legend of INDIA VS NIGERIA by King kObOkO, u’ll find out:
* why the India vs Nigeria match has been kept a secret by the government of India since 1970
* how the deportation of Ghanaians from Nigeria is connected to the India vs Nigeria match
* how the deaths of India’s Indira Gandhi & Nigeria’s Sani Abacha were caused by the same match
* when the long-overdue rematch between the Blue Tigers of India & the Super Eagles of Nigeria will take place.

Click below to order

Buy The Legend of INDIA VS NIGERIA by King kObOkO

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Song title: Everybody Dance
Artistes: Ice D & Yung Prinzzy
Download link: http://www.datafilehost.com/d/7a8e8849

ice d yung prinzy

1st impression:
D Akwa Ibom rap is d bomb

Vocal power:
Yung Prinzzy’s voice needs a lil bit more training. But d Akwa Ibom bass voice backup in d chorus was excellent.

Production quality:
Xris Fity did well here. D beat go make u shake ur body. Even if u no wan dance, u go dey nod ur nod 2d beat.

Lyrical content:
Dis song has jst d usual chillin in d club lyrics.

D originality of dis song lies in Ice D’s Akwa Ibom rap men. Its really a breath of fresh air 2my ears.

Genre & Local appeal:
Dis is Naija hiphop & Nigerians will like it.

2nd impression:

a) Wat do I luv best about it?
I luv luv luv d Akwa Ibom rap. Ice D killed it in my opinion. He’s like Akwa Ibom’s Dagrin.

b) Wat do I hate most about it?
I didnt like Yung Prinzzy’s delivery of his verse in English. It didnt sound natural.

6.5 / 10 (or 65%)

My prophecy:
If Ice D continues wit dis his Akwa Ibom rap eh, he’ll surely blow.

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King kObOkO don observe anoda tin again o! Hehehe…

Hav u eva noticed dat prostitutes or ashewos or runs-girls hav a particular body odour? In fact eh, if u’r very observant like me, u’l notice d odour in any over-sexed female. It doesnt matter how many perfumes or body sprays or deodorants or scent oil she uses, d odour always over-powers it. I swear. Hehehe…

Una fit dey wonda “Koboko, how u take know d odour?” Well, I’m jst very very observant dat’s all. Even b4 I did my 1st kwokirikwo wit an ashi, I already knew d odour. So no accuse me of too much fucku fucku o! Hehehe… I was even surprised dat d 1st ashi I eva did kwokirikwo wit didnt hav d odour. But I later discovered d reason: it was bcos she was new in d business. She neva get experience by dat time.

Ur nxt question now fit be, “Ok Koboko, how does an over-sexed woman smell?” D answer hard o! D odour of over-sex is actually very hard 2 describe. I might hav 2 show it 2 u in person. I’m sure u’v percieved it b4. Its jst dat u’r not aware dat its d odour of over-sex.

And NO. Its not dat normal natural smell of a sexually active woman o! Dat smell is different. Dat 1 na d smell of sex. Most men know dat smell. *winks*

Actually, I was thinkin I was d only 1 dat knew d odour of over-sex until 1day wen dis particular girl walked past me & my frnd. I told him “Dat girl na ashi”. He nodded in agreement & told me “She dey smell like ashi sef.” Wow! I was surprised & asked him “So u know their smell too?” Dat was d day I confirmed dere were oda alobas like me out dere. Hehehe…

My broda, knowin d odour of over-sex can save u from unknowingly dating or marryin an ashi o! Not dat its bad 2 marry a repentant ashi shaa. I jst dont want u 2b decieved in2 a relationship wit a pretendin ashi.

My sista, abeg too much sex is not good 4u o! It changes ur body odour. And trust me, d odour of over-sex no get solution o! Its d more sex u hav, d stronger it gets.

Surprisingly, I’v percieved d odour on a few men too. Though I suspect it was rubbed off on dem afta spendin time wit an over-sexed woman. Or could it b dat even over-sexed men develop d odour over time too? I no sure shaa. *shrugs*

So na wetin una tink about dis my observation? U gree or u no gree?

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O.T Genasis nawa 4u o! U no try at all men *shakin my head*

So I was watchin a music channel here in Nigeria d other day, wen O.T Genasis’ song CoCo came on. D 1st time I saw it, I tink it was a remix or somethin cos wat i heard dat time was “I’m in love with your coco…” Den they’d show girls dancin. I thought maybe it was about girls’ yansh as is usual wit all dese hiphop songs dese days.

But wen i saw d original version, men d tin scatter my head. I heard d guy sayin “I’m in love with the CoCo” Den they were showin cocaine & dollars everywhere.

I was so so angry. Why shud dis station b showin dis song glorifyin cocaine so freely in Nigeria? Why naa? Wen 1 stupid rich man’s son will b inspired by d song 2sniff coke now, na madness or Yaba Left go b him portion. Or wen poor man pikin go talk sey him mst go abroad go do cocaine business now, & Indonesia govt com kill am, na dat time Naija govt go dey cry.

Pls take note, my uncle was killed in Indonesia about 14yrs ago 4being in luv wit d sellin of d CoCo. Na why dis song & dis issue dey pain me like dis.

Anyway, wen I com google d lyrics of d song eh, I found out d song has been banned in d USA. Very good! I found out d O.T Genasis guy even has a lil son who luvs his father’s cocaine song. Chai! Very dumb! Very dumb of a father!

Koko Master, D’banj, abeg we need u 2 remix dis song 4d Nigerian audience. I go prefer 2hear “I’m in love with the COCOA” or even “I’m in love with her KOKO” dan dis cocaine-glorifyin “I’m in love with the CoCo” nonsense. *hisses*

King kObOkO go rate dis stupid song 1/10 or 10%

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In Aug 2003, me & my family screamed “Up NEPA!!!” in America. Yes, we were in New York 4 a vacation at d time & experienced their once-in-a-blue-moon blackout.

On dat particular day, I rememba dat I went wit my father 2 Manhattan. We were surprised wen d lights suddenly went off. No, blackout na normal tin 4 Naija. But dis was a blackout in Almighty America!!!

I was more surprised at d widespread panic everywhere in New York dat day. Americans were afraid. Was it anoda Osama Bin Ladin attack?

Traffic lights went off. Traffic jams everywhere. So me & my father started trekkin from Manhattan 2 Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn where we were stayin. Dat trek wasnt funny at all.

I rememba seein helicopters flyin here & there. I rememba Americans buyin & sellin candles, fancy lights, bicycles & skateboards by d roadsides. I rememba me & my father walkin in2 a fillin station 2buy water. We were so so thirty. They told us they’d already sold all d bottled water 2 other thirsty trekkers like us. We had 2buy bottled juice instead. I kept walkin & walkin & walkin wit my father wonderin wen we would finally get home. My legs were painin me. I was so tired. E no funny at all at all dat day o!

Wen we finally got home, d cooker couldnt cook. D water from d taps were cold. And only very few radio stations were playin on my small battery-powered radio celebratin how they were still on air. As well as assuring worried Americans dat Osama & Al Qaeda had nothin 2do wit d blackout.

Wen power supply was restored d next day eh, Americans lept 4 joy. While me & my brother & sisters screamed “Up NEPA!!!” as if we were in Nigeria. Hehehe….

Later, we started seein Americans wearin shirts wit words like “I SURVIVED THE BLACKOUT”. Nawa o! We all laughed at them. It was jst too funny 2 us. Imagine all dis drama happenin in Nigeria bcos of ordinary, normal, everyday blackouts. Hehehe… I was so sure Nigerians would wear “I SURVIVED THE LIGHT” shirts, if we ever enjoyed one week of uninterrupted power in Nigeria.

And it is a tragedy. Its a shame dat after more dan 50yrs of independence, we still dey scream “Up NEPA!!!” everyday. Its a shame dat “Up NEPA!!!” are d 1st words dat every Nigerian child learns even b4 sayin “Mummy” or “Daddy, good mornin”. Hehehe… Wahala dey wallahi.

D worst part is dat d poor power supply has affected & is affectin our psyche. We feel powerless. We dont know wen NEPA will take d light. Nobody warns us about an impendin blackout. We dont know wen NEPA will bring d light back. And nobody cares 2 apologise 2 us.

Our govt doesnt care. And we’re now used 2 it.

Our politicians grab more political power & are freed forever from poor electrical power.

We lose interest in votin. After all, if we vote finish, NEPA go still dey take light anyhow & anytime dem like.

Except of course, we can grab political power like our politicians so dat every other power shall be added unto us:
standby-generator power,
oil money power,
celebrity power,
groupie power,
dere gawa zie.

So our struggle 4 power becomes a do-or-die affair. Like 50cent, we will get power or die tryin.

Aunty Chimamanda Adichie don observe her own. Dis na King kObOkO political observation.

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King kObOkO don com again wit him observations o! Dont blame me abeg, blame my mum & every oda Nollywood-lover dat has forced me 2watch Naija films wit dem. Hehehe…

Ok, so I noticed dat u mst hear dese words or dialogue, if u watch any Nigerian movie. If u no hear any of dese words eh, maybe na Ghana film u dey watch. Hehehe…

U beta jst stay away from Mike Ezuruonye’s land o! Or else…

D person about 2b killed usually says it twice or more, so dat d hefty assassins will take pity on him/her if possible. But sorry, gbooooooaaa!!!! Dem go still kill am.

Patience Ozokwor is either begging her son 2marry or she’s tauntin her barren daughter-in-law.

D doctor is shakin his head & consolin d husband whose wife has jst died in d labour room.

Yes, d man can explain why he’s naked wit anoda man’s wife doing jigijigi, kwokirikwo & yoriyori wit her on her matrimonial bed.

Chinwetelu Agu has jst been caught red-handed doing evil & now he’s blamin d devil. Devil wey no send am message o!

Pete Edochie jst angrily told u 2wait 4him, u beta tire race b4 he comes out wit a cutlass or doublebarrel. King kObOkO go run four-forty o! Hehehe…

D man don marry bad wife. Its either he sleeps at his frnds house till she cools down. Or he jst does what she wants him 2do so dat peace’ll reign.

Mercy Johnson is holdin her cheek & askin Tonto Dikeh. But Tonto Dike will most likely shout back at her “YES! AND I WILL DO IT AGAIN!!!” It’s either Mercy Johnson slaps her back or she walks away. Otherwise, she go jst do wetin Jesus talk inside Matthew 5: 39

D chiefs all chant! Its either their king Olu Jacobs has jst settled a case or is being crowned as Igwe 4d 1000th time in anoda Nolly-village.

Nollywood, King kObOkO dey hail una oooooo! Hehehe… Una dey try sometimes shaa. But Mr & Mrs Director or Scriptwriter, we don tire 4dese words, biko, ejo, mbok, abeg, pls. Thank u. *winks*

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M.I yabs Pam Andrews in Bad Belle

Ok o! I jst dey chill 4my palour 2day wen d music station I was watchin decided 2show M.I’s Bad Belle. Den suddenly, ghen ghen… I hrd M.I dissin Pam Andrews wit dis words:

“Yeah… Rihanna on deck
No bra, no pant
Jst showin off ur body
U a bad bitch, u a bad bitch
Kill them jor…”

Una rememba sey Pam Andrews wear naked-dress like Rihanna recently abi? Hehehe…

Make una no call me bad belle o! Na observation I jst observe.

Unu ma n’onu na-ekwu warawara, nti na-anu warawara ga-anu ya. (I no go translate wetin I jst talk. Meet any Igbo man near u 4d translation) Hehehe…

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Everybody know sey King kObOkO na male-feminist. If u lik call me woman-wrapper, dat wan consign u. Hehehe… I jst know dat I luv 2see women in power.

Everybody also knows dat Nigerians ar not ready 2vote in a female as president of Nigeria. Una rememba how Sarah Jubril get only 1vote 4dat PDP presidential primaries in 2011 abi? Bet me, even dis oda woman wey dey contest unda KOWA party 4dis 2015 elections go get only 1vote. Or maybe 100votes, if all her family & frnds go gree vote am shaa. Hehehe…

Women no vex. I no dey yab una o! I jst dey suggest make we do somethin. Lets all put pressure on govt 2make a law dat mandates all political parties 2field a male presidential aspirant & a female as his runnin mate. Or a female presidential aspirant & a male as her runnin mate.

Such a law wud definitely encourage more balance of power btwn men & women in politics.

Dat way in 2019, e go dey possible 4 us 2see somethin lik Ribadu 4 president & Ezekwesili 4 vice-president. Or David Mark 4 presido & Allison Diezani-Madueke 4 vice-presido.

I 4 lik see Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala as Naija president in 2019 o! But lets b realistic naa. Jonathan cant handova 2 an Igbo. Talkless of a woman.

Yes, America’l probably vote 4 Hillary Clinton as president in 2016. Yes, I’m sure Nigeria is ready 4its 1st female vice-president in 2019.

Moreova, havin a man & anoda man on top, makes Nigeria look gay. *winks*

My fellow women (apologies 2 Madam Patience), una neva tire 2dey answa so so “First Lady, First Lady, First Lady” since 1960? Nawa o!

Ladies & gentlewomen, abeg wetin una tink?

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Mama’s Beat Dey Blow My Mind o!

Happy 2015 2everybody.

I jst heard dis Frank Edward’s song Mama’s Beat ft Joey Drums. D instrumental & beats is more dan amazin wallahi. They let d instrumental play 4 about 2mins & 50secs b4 Frank Edwards started singin.

I neva hear dis kain beat on any Naija song b4. Men, I’m really impressed. I hail whoeva produced dis song. I heard Rich boy on d mix. (Oga Frank, na u produce dis beat or was it only d mixin u did?) Na u biko.

But d person wey I dey comot cap 4 na Joey Drums d drummer. Wow!!! His drummin is so so powerful. D only kind of songs I’v heard dis kind of drummin is on Lucky Dube’s songs or on some of dose Cold Play rock songs.

I wish more Naija artistes can use dis kind of live drummin on their beats instead of all dis digital beats wey dem dey use everytime. Its true dat live recording of instruments is more expensive but its worth it o! Esp 4artistes lik 2Baba, Wizkid, Kcee, Tiwa Savage etc wey get d money. Producers lik Don Jazzy, Masterkraft, Shizzy etc shud take note abeg.

U people need 2listen 2dis song 2undastand wat I’m talkin about. Jst google “Mama’s Beat Frank Edwards ft Joey Drums” 2find &download it.

(Oga Frank, I dont tink dis amazin song was given d kinda promotion it deserves o! Dis kain song suppose win Grammy, I swear.)

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Consequences of a Jonathan Loss in 2015

In 2011, I openly supported Buhari. I wanted him 2 win & change Nigeria. But as soon as Jonathan won, I realised dat his rule was a kind of poetic justice 4 Nigeria.

I am voting Jonathan in 2015. I wan make him complete him remainin 4yrs. I no go support Buhari again bcos:

1) Buhari does not support resource control & fiscal federalism. He no ready 2give Niger-Delta more dan d wicked 13% wey dem dey get now

2) Wen oil licenses expire in 2016/2017, Buhari no ready 2take away d oil licenses from those same men wey hold am since 1960.

3) If Buhari win, him go dey fight both Boko Haram & d Niger-Delta militants wey go return 2d creeks. Dat wan na double wahala o!

4) He go abandon 2nd Niger Bridge, YouWin & other tins wey Jonathan dey do now

5) Fulani cattle-rearers go dey cause more wahala all ova Naija. D bloodshed 4 Jos, Benue, Nasarawa & other Middle Belt go dey too much

6) Naija go go back 2d born-2-rule era

7) D press wont b as free as they ar now unda Jonathan

I go add more reasons as i dey rememba. Wat do u tink? Wat ar ur own reasons 4not votin Buhari in 2015?

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Review: Wallahi -King Koboko (prod. Xris Fity)

Download am here:




Ladies & gentlemen, I don com again o! I don release anoda song. But 2me & my mama, dis na my 1st song. Wen I gav her 2listen 2it, she sed “Ehen, kita ka i tiri egwu” Hehehe…

Xris Fity is demonic on d beat as usual. King kObOkO is what? Make una listen 2d song, tell me wetin una tink abeg.

Wat do u rate me? Wat do u luv bout my song? Wat do u hate bout my song? I’m givin u a chance 3review my song. Rememba sey if na me, I go flog u. So biko, feel free 2flog me now o! Hehehe…

Wait o! 2day is my bday o! So u fit consider dis song my bday cake 4rm me 2u. Thanks.

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Song title: Here To Stay

Artiste: Neggro

Download link: http://tinyurl.com/ ovh82hp

1st impression:
Luv at 1st hearin. I go leave dis song 4 my phone. I no fit delete am. No way.

Vocal power:
He took extra time 2 record many backup vocals which makes d song full & well balanced

Production quality:
Neggro is a damn good producer. Dis na d kind of high quality production u go get 4 Lagos. I thot he was actually based dere till he told me na o bukwa Nwa 042

Lyrical content:
Check out d intro
“Me & u is magic.
Ups & down, but here like elastic.
I gav u my hrt. U gav me ur hrt.
2geda we go stay, we no go eva depart.”
Den d killer chorus
“Girl, I wanna let u know.
Me I no fit let u go.
No b minimanimo.
Dis luv I get 4 u, no b China.
Dis luv I get 4 u, I swear na final.
Ololufeeeee, my girl I’m here 2 staaaaay.
Cos my luv 4 u na follow-come, na follow-come.
My luv 4 u na follow-come, no b Chinaaaaa.”

Wow! Dis kind of intelligent lyrics proves dat Neggro sits down 2 write & properly arrange his lyrics. I wish more Nigerian artistes did d same.

D pidgin is so on point & even d American wanna gonna sounds so Naija

Genre & Local appeal:
Dis is Afropop. Nigerians wil definitely dance 2 dis jam.

2nd impression:

a) Wat do I luv most bout it?
D lyrics. D production. D delivery

b) Wat do I hate most bout it?
D title. I wud hav preferred a title like “No Be China” (Meanwhil, make I jst forgiv Neggro 4 addin dat unnecessary mosquito-like outro “Oh girl, I’m here 2 stay 4 u” at d very end of d song)

8/10 or 80%

My prophecy:
All dis song needs now is promotion cos na hit alredy wallahi

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