Pussy Tastes Like Mayonnaise

I no know about u o! But King kObOkO don notice sey pussy dey taste like mayonnaise & d body odour of d woman. *winks*


D tin b sey I too like mayonnaise. I dey use am chop salad. I dey use am chop bread. I dey use am chop rice. So I know wat I’m sayin wen I tell u dat pussy tastes like mayonnaise & I luv it.

Hmmmm… Delicious. *lickin my lips*

Or wait o! Is it only my queen’s swt hole dat tastes like dat?

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Naija Women Luv Cunnilingus

Sometimes when I tell some guys that they should try licking and sucking their woman’s sweet hole, them go dey say “God forbid!”, “Tufiakwa!”, “Olorun maje”. Olamide has even worsened the issue by adding “Iranu abasha” to their vocabulary. Hehehe…

But forget Olamide and his nonsense rap about refusing to suck or lick a woman’s sweet hole jor. He just wants to make hits and collect your money. After all, we can never know what Olamide does with his woman in the bedroom. He might even be licking their sweet hole plus poopoo hole join sef. Hehehe…

The truth is that Nigerian women absolutely, totally, completely love it when their man sucks and licks their sweet hole. Most of them will never experience orgasm in their life until they experience cunnilingus. Especially since most men don’t last more than 15mins. The sensation of their man’s tongue gently playing with their clitoris blows their minds away.

I’m even suspecting that more and more Nigerian women are becoming lesbians or experimenting with lesbianism because lesbians always suck and lick each others sweet holes.

If you’re a man that really wants to satisfy your woman in bed, if you’re a man that doesn’t want to lose your woman to a lesbian or man who can suck her sweet hole, then take my advice now before its too late o!

1) Make sure she takes her bath & washes her sweet hole well before the kwokirikwo

2) Make sure she shaves her pubic hair first if you’re the type that doesn’t like Sambisa forest

3) Pour ice-cream or honey or any creamy liquid you prefer on her sweet hole to make it taste better

4a) Suck & lick her sweet hole before inserting your sim card into her phone *winks*
4b) USE ONLY YOUR LIPS & TONGUE while sucking & licking her sweet hole
4c) DO NOT BITE OR USE YOUR TEETH ABEG O! Cos her clitoris is extremely sensitive.
4d) OBSERVE HER REACTIONS & BODY MOVEMENTS. If she dey lift her waist into your mouth, dey use her hands push your head down into her sweet hole or dey use her laps squeeze your head, na good sign. Well done! Keep up the good work my broda.

5) Suck & lick her sweet hole after releasing your yoghurt. That’s if she hasn’t come like you.

6) Try not to squeeze your face even if her sweet hole tastes like yoyo bitters. Hehehehe….

7) Thank me later

8) Do more research via google or click on d image below *winks*

pussy-eating technique

You’re welcome. Don’t mention. Hehehehe…

I no go tell Olamide & your friends sey you don follow King kObOkO advice, you hear?

King kObOkO advices u not 2suck or lick her in d followin cases:

1) If ur woman has a strange boil near her sweet hole or pubic area, pls be careful o! It might be a sign of a sexually transmitted disease.
2) If u have a sore in ur mouth, tongue or throat.

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