Who wan marry Linda Ikeji?

1st of all, King kObOkO dey wish Linda Ikeji happy bday o! She’s now 34yrs old. Dat na if dat no b her football age shaa. *winks*

Ok, so I observed dat Linda’s still single & I decided 2do some investigation about why she’s single. Dis na wetin I discova

linda ikeji new suv lindaikejiblog

Linda Ikeji flaunts her riches
No! I know she can do wateva she likes wit her money. She’s hardworkin. She deserves all d wealth she has. But trust me, postin pics of ur new car, new house, American holiday etc wont help a Naija woman dat wants 2settle down wit a Naija man o!

Good men fear Linda Ikeji’s money

Its true. Most Naija men are afraid of marryin a woman far far richer & far far more powerful dan dem like Linda Ikeji.

Bad boys want Linda Ikeji’s money
U sef reason am. No b true? If u were a lazy Naija guy, wudn’t u b happy if u can marry a woman as bastardly rich as Linda? But sorry men, u cant decieve Linda easily o! Let me tell u why nxt.

Linda Ikeji is a VIRGO
Dat is her zodiac sign. Jst google “Virgo Woman” & u’ll undastand bro. Virgos no dey fall in luv anyhow & always seek perfection in people. Ntooor…*stickin out my tongue* Hahahaha…

Linda Ikeji’s age
Most Naija men dey find fresh 18-25yr old ladies 2marry. Na only very few dey consider d 25-35yr olds.

Linda Ikeji isnt ready 2marry a younger man
Aunty Linda, u wan deny? Can u marry a younger man, who u know & d world knows is younger dan u? No worry, I alredy know ur answa *winks*

Linda Ikeji is from Imo state
Every Igbo man & even non-Igbos know dat marryin an Imo woman no b small tin at all. U go spend moneeeeeeeeeey. Hahaha… But my man, dont b discouraged. Win Linda’s luv 1st. I’m sure she wont mind supportin u wit part of her millions 2settle her kingsmen. *winks*

Finally, *going down on 1 knee & holdin a ring*
“Linda, will u…?”

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5 thoughts on “Who wan marry Linda Ikeji?

  1. okeke

    Kingkoboko 34 na her football age nah! How many female celebrities- from actresses to musicians to social media bloggers are really truthful about their age?But she’s a made woman so she can use her wealth to entice any man still going through hardship Or she could get lucky and walk down the aisle with a guy equally or even richer than her.


  2. okeke

    And correction Kingkoboko. The woman is 35 not 34. I clicked on the image you posted above and it took me to her blog where she posted celebrating her 35th year on earth.


  3. hahahaha! Koboko



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