I was jst lik a clay wit no porter
Standin lonely unda d rain
D challenges of life made me wonda
Cryin lik a child everday
But I heard His voice from behind saying
O bu onye tiri nwa na-ebe akwa?

I was crushed (words unclear) in d race
My (words unclear) singing
Lezienu na kpakpando m achago o
Shine dey go
I go dey shine dey go

My life was lik a fairytale
Neva thought dere’ll b a happy endin
D storms of life pushin me all around
U cud see dere’s fire on d mountain
But lik gold it refines me
Buildin my beauty
So hold on obele oga ka oge li


He’s d light of men. I’m gonna let it shine
Cos I know my body’s lik a shinin light
To shine up brighter & brighter unto d perfect day
(words unclear)
My blessins are lik d sands of d seashore
B4 me wat I see is open doors
I’ve conquered my failure
Haaaai haaaai. Oooooo yeah

(Chorus) + Bridge:
And can’t u see dat I’m a shinin star
Shine so bright. Shinin so bright
From story to glory. From zero to hero
Kpakpando m achago
Obudu Erika kataririka wuuuuu
No borrowin, no sorrowin again ooo

Twinkle twinkle little star
How I wonda wat u are
Up above d world so high
Lik a diamond in d sky

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