Artiste: J’Dess
Song title: Kpakpando
Download link:

1st impression:
D chorus is d bomb. I can neva get tired of listenin 2it & singin it

Vocal power:
J’Dess’ voice is as swt as honey & as refreshin as cold water in a desert

Production quality:
D production is superb & well-mixed too. U need 2hear d instrumental

Lyrical content:
D song is well-written from start 2 finish. J’Dess has clearly mastered d art of turnin even rhymeless lines in2 a song full of harmonious rhythm. D way she combines English & Igbo so easily is truely mind-blowin

Dis is a highly original song. D way J’Dess sings “Twinkle twinkle little star” towards d end of d song makes u wonda.

Genre & Local appeal:
Dis is inspirational R&B or gospel R&B.

2nd impression:
a) Wat do I luv best about it?
I overlove d chorus. Its so easy 2sing-along 2ova & ova & ova again.
b) Wat do I hate most about it?
D question shud b ‘wat did I like least?’ bcos it’s hard 2find anythin 2hate in dis song. Ok, I didnt like d ‘twinkle twinkle little star’ endin but d way J’Dess sang it was great!

9/10 (or 90%)

My prophecy:
Dis song is a mega-hit alredy. It jst need massive promotion & a video

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