Women, ur VIRGINITY is not enough o!

King kObOkO don com again wit him observation o!

Ok. I noticed dat most Nigerian virgins believe dat their virginity entitles dem 2 marriage. Dem they tink sey virginity na d main thing wey go make their marriage last. They think dat their virginity is d ultimate gift 2 their husband. But I disagree o!

Jst imagine dat u marry a virgin, do jigijigi wit her on d 1st night. She bleeds. She cries. U’r her 1st man. U dey feel like James Bond. Den she enters d kitchen & cooks poty 4 u. As in, she cant cook. She’s lazy. As in, she no fit do house chores. She quarrelsome, troublesome, a nag, a dullard. Hehehehe…

My broda, tell me, will her virginity (which u’v alredy taken sef) b enough? If u were 2 choose btwn a non-virgin who is lovin, cooks excellently, keeps d house clean etc & d kind of virgin I described b4, na who u go choose. Talk true o!

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