Open Letter 2 Linda Ikeji

Dear Aunty Linda,

I no b ur hater & I no wan do u bad belle. In fact eh, I’m 1 of those dat visit ur site almost everyday. I was 1 of those dat pitied & supported u wen ur blog was taken down few months ago. But wetin u do dis time no good. So King kObOkO has no choice but 2 flog u.

Aunty Linda, its very criminal of u 2 hijack Chimamanda Adichie’s Oba of Lagos article from without acknowledgin or creditin dem. Its wicked of u 2still refuse 2credit dem as d original source even afta they contacted u & cried out on twitter. Haba!

I’m a writer & a blogger so I know how it feels 2b a victim of intellectual property theft. E dey very painful wallahi. I also know how swt it feels 2b acknowledged 4my work. Dat na why I respect a blogger like Laila Ikeji of She may not b as rich or as popular as u but she once surprised me by rightfully creditin me publicly 4 an info I gave her in d past.

Besides, I know Ukamaka Olisakwe & Mazi Fred Nwonwu who both work on They’r gifted, hardworkin & lovable individuals like u. D 1st day wey u go meet dem e go b luv-at-1st-sight. Bet me. Pls dont start an unnecessary war wit dem. U wronged dem. Use ur church mind & apologize 2 dem b4 its too late abeg, biko, ejo, mbok.

Urs peacefully,
King kObOkO

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