Song title: Everybody Dance
Artistes: Ice D & Yung Prinzzy
Download link:

ice d yung prinzy

1st impression:
D Akwa Ibom rap is d bomb

Vocal power:
Yung Prinzzy’s voice needs a lil bit more training. But d Akwa Ibom bass voice backup in d chorus was excellent.

Production quality:
Xris Fity did well here. D beat go make u shake ur body. Even if u no wan dance, u go dey nod ur nod 2d beat.

Lyrical content:
Dis song has jst d usual chillin in d club lyrics.

D originality of dis song lies in Ice D’s Akwa Ibom rap men. Its really a breath of fresh air 2my ears.

Genre & Local appeal:
Dis is Naija hiphop & Nigerians will like it.

2nd impression:

a) Wat do I luv best about it?
I luv luv luv d Akwa Ibom rap. Ice D killed it in my opinion. He’s like Akwa Ibom’s Dagrin.

b) Wat do I hate most about it?
I didnt like Yung Prinzzy’s delivery of his verse in English. It didnt sound natural.

6.5 / 10 (or 65%)

My prophecy:
If Ice D continues wit dis his Akwa Ibom rap eh, he’ll surely blow.

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