O.T Genasis nawa 4u o! U no try at all men *shakin my head*

So I was watchin a music channel here in Nigeria d other day, wen O.T Genasis’ song CoCo came on. D 1st time I saw it, I tink it was a remix or somethin cos wat i heard dat time was “I’m in love with your coco…” Den they’d show girls dancin. I thought maybe it was about girls’ yansh as is usual wit all dese hiphop songs dese days.

But wen i saw d original version, men d tin scatter my head. I heard d guy sayin “I’m in love with the CoCo” Den they were showin cocaine & dollars everywhere.

I was so so angry. Why shud dis station b showin dis song glorifyin cocaine so freely in Nigeria? Why naa? Wen 1 stupid rich man’s son will b inspired by d song 2sniff coke now, na madness or Yaba Left go b him portion. Or wen poor man pikin go talk sey him mst go abroad go do cocaine business now, & Indonesia govt com kill am, na dat time Naija govt go dey cry.

Pls take note, my uncle was killed in Indonesia about 14yrs ago 4being in luv wit d sellin of d CoCo. Na why dis song & dis issue dey pain me like dis.

Anyway, wen I com google d lyrics of d song eh, I found out d song has been banned in d USA. Very good! I found out d O.T Genasis guy even has a lil son who luvs his father’s cocaine song. Chai! Very dumb! Very dumb of a father!

Koko Master, D’banj, abeg we need u 2 remix dis song 4d Nigerian audience. I go prefer 2hear “I’m in love with the COCOA” or even “I’m in love with her KOKO” dan dis cocaine-glorifyin “I’m in love with the CoCo” nonsense. *hisses*

King kObOkO go rate dis stupid song 1/10 or 10%

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