Song title: Here To Stay

Artiste: Neggro

Download link: ovh82hp

1st impression:
Luv at 1st hearin. I go leave dis song 4 my phone. I no fit delete am. No way.

Vocal power:
He took extra time 2 record many backup vocals which makes d song full & well balanced

Production quality:
Neggro is a damn good producer. Dis na d kind of high quality production u go get 4 Lagos. I thot he was actually based dere till he told me na o bukwa Nwa 042

Lyrical content:
Check out d intro
“Me & u is magic.
Ups & down, but here like elastic.
I gav u my hrt. U gav me ur hrt.
2geda we go stay, we no go eva depart.”
Den d killer chorus
“Girl, I wanna let u know.
Me I no fit let u go.
No b minimanimo.
Dis luv I get 4 u, no b China.
Dis luv I get 4 u, I swear na final.
Ololufeeeee, my girl I’m here 2 staaaaay.
Cos my luv 4 u na follow-come, na follow-come.
My luv 4 u na follow-come, no b Chinaaaaa.”

Wow! Dis kind of intelligent lyrics proves dat Neggro sits down 2 write & properly arrange his lyrics. I wish more Nigerian artistes did d same.

D pidgin is so on point & even d American wanna gonna sounds so Naija

Genre & Local appeal:
Dis is Afropop. Nigerians wil definitely dance 2 dis jam.

2nd impression:

a) Wat do I luv most bout it?
D lyrics. D production. D delivery

b) Wat do I hate most bout it?
D title. I wud hav preferred a title like “No Be China” (Meanwhil, make I jst forgiv Neggro 4 addin dat unnecessary mosquito-like outro “Oh girl, I’m here 2 stay 4 u” at d very end of d song)

8/10 or 80%

My prophecy:
All dis song needs now is promotion cos na hit alredy wallahi

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