Let me start by sayin dis: A BU M ONYE IGBO. I BE OMO IBO. I AM AN IGBO MAN.

D 1st day I heard Dagrin’s Pon Pon Pon was wen I watched it on tv. I was so impressed wit d streetness, d originality & d freshness of d video. I was noddin my head & even screamed 4 joy wen I saw d part of d video where two goats butted their heads. Wow! It was luv at 1st sight.


Den d lyrics. I bought Dagrin’s album afta his death. (Chai! I wish I had bought it while he was still alive so dat nobody will say I only bought it bcos of d hype of his death.) I didn’t really undastand Yoruba (mi ogbo Yoruba dada) but I luvd d way Dagrin ate Yoruba. He made me want 2learn Yoruba, speak it & eat it lik him.

I luv Ghetto Dreams. I don’t really lik Everyday. I luv Pon Pon Pon. I luv Kondo. I hate Swag. I luv Make Doe. I luv Hola Hola. & I absolutedly luv Thank God. Thank God is still my favourite track on CEO.

I didn’t stop at d CEO album o! I bought a VCD containin Dagrin’s earlier videos. Videos of songs he released in his 1st album (d 1 b4 CEO). Dagrin was not so good there. But I didn’t really expect him 2b. D mark of a great artiste is d improvement of his/her craft. Rome was not built in a day. CEO wasn’t built in a day either. He started as an average Yoruba rapper who believed in himself & metamorphed in2 d genius we all luv & miss 2day.

I was surprised wen I heard his Igbo remix of Fat Joe’s Lean Back. Yes, Dagrin rapped in Igbo from beginnin 2 end of d track. “A bu m onye Yoruba, mana ife Igbo na-amasi m” Chai! Dagrin, i ga-egbu mmadu. No, he didn’t tear Igbo apart lik Nigga Raw, Phyno or Bosalin but u cud sense dat if Dagrin had bin an Igbo boy, he wud hav revolutionised Igbo rap & make it as sweet as he made Yoruba rap.

I watched d clip of his freestyle session on Jimmy Jatt’s Jump Off. Pure electric. He rapped. He jumped 4 joy. He was jst enjoyin himself. Den I undastood why d people who knew him personally or met professionally luvd him so much. He was himself. He was real. He was raw. He was a diamond.

I luv Dagrin. His death still pains me till 2day. Cos wen i hear som tracks, i imagine how Dagrin wud’v made luv 2beat or raped it. Lik dat Sam Klef’s Mo Lowo Noni. Dagrin wud’v killed it. Chai!

D truth is dat Dagrin is beta dan Olamide. He was deeper. Humbler. More lovable. I keep askin “If Olamide died at d beginnin of his career or even dies 2day, will d whole of Nigeria mourn him lik we mourned Dagrin?”

D irony of d situation is dat most people transfered their luv 4 Dagrin 2 Olamide jst 2 4get d pain of losin him. Dagrin resurrected in Olamide. Dagrin lives in Olamide.


So even if u think dat Olamide is beta dan Dagrin. U’r indirectly sayin dat d Resurrected Dagrin is beta dan d Dead Dagrin. D king is dead. Long live d king. Dagrin is dead. Long live Baddo.

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  2. Cynthia star b

    I lik davido olamide ad p squre


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